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AsdruMark Men's Underwear - Behind the Scenes

AsdruMark has been importing men's underwear from South America for over 10 years from quality manufacturers to provide the men of Britain and Europe with a wider variety of men's underwear to choose from. Last year AsdruMark produced its 'own brand' men's underwear, manufactured by one of its South American partners, to increase this variety and give customers even more choice.

AsdruMark has recently set up a home in Brazil, taking the AsdruMark brand and products from Colombia over the border to find out what the people of Brazil make of them. When the Olympics and Paralympics came to town, it seemed like a good opportunity to organise a photo shoot of the new AsdruMark brand. Take a look ...

Obviously it would be a good idea to advertise the AsdruMark men's underwear to as many people as possible and in Rio de Janeiro, a good place to do this "during an Olympic and Paralympic Games" would be at the beach!

As you might imagine, a male model walking up and down the Ipanema beach front in his underwear did turn a few heads of the people of Rio to say the least, think of the reaction if it had been shot in Brighton!

The AsdruMark range of men's underwear features boxer, brief and jockstrap styles available in cotton blend or polyamide microfibre fabrics. Hopefully there is something for you!

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